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Monday, November 14, 2016

November 101 in 1001 Update

I cannot believe I am sitting down to write my first post since June! I ended up taking a much longer hiatus, but not intentionally. The longer time went on the harder it was to figure out where to start again and what to blog about. This morning as I was scrolling through Twitter (as usual) I noticed Macy (who hosts this link-up) post about it almost being one year since starting 101 in 1001! It got me inspired to look at my list and cross things off that I had accomplished this year. It was exciting for me. So, thank you Macy for inspiring me to actually sit down and write this post.

Since I didn't link up last time around I will update you on what I have crossed off my list and am currently working on since February.

  • I have tried 5/25 brand new recipes from Pinterest. Surprisingly, all of them have been wins and Joe and I both loved them!
  • I attended 1/3 of my concert goals - seeing The Killers in Las Vegas. This was a bucket list item for me and thankfully to my mom, she made this happen!
  • 1/3 shows have been seen - Joe and I saw Mystere at Treasure Island while we were In Vegas this past October and it was incredible. 
  • I completed my goal of going back to Las Vegas 2/2 times (but I'm positive we will go back plenty of more times)

  • We Tried a new double date night idea in August which was an Escape Room, and it was so much fun!
  • Try new restaurants in our town. We have actually been branching out and have tried 2/5 new restaurants lately. 
  • Take my niece on fun adventures. We have done this by taking her to the local zoo and she had a blast.
  • Write myself Future Me emails every year. I just recently received one from last year, and wrote myself a new one for 2017.
  • girls night out was completed several times, and it will definitely be a regular thing.
As for now, I plan on working on my blogging goals, and crossing off more of those personal physical/mental goals.

You can read my previous posts about 101 in 1001 here:

What have you accomplished on your list? I love reading these posts and can't wait to read what everyone else has crossed off of their lists! 

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Top Five: Products With SPF

Skincare is so important to me, and now more than ever (since my first dermatologist visit) is SPF essential for me. I know that most people understand the dangers of tanning and not using SPF, but I am still surprised at how many people brush it off and don't actually use it! I have tried more products with SPF within the past year, and I definitely have my favorites. So, of course I thought I would share them!

sunscreen favorites

1/ Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer (SPF 15) - I really like this product because it is lightweight but it also helps to calm my redness, moisturizes, and gives some sun protection. Great for days when I don't want to wear makeup, but need sunscreen on my face.

2/ Jergens BB Protect (SPF 15) - This product is specifically for light skin tones but they also have one for medium-deep skin tones as well. This product is supposed to hydrate, provide SPF coverage, and enhance your skin's appearance. This product is mostly used on my legs, feet, arms, and chest on days when I am running errands. I love the way it makes my legs look even without self tanner! Of course I don't use this in place of normal higher SPF sunscreen, just on days I won't be in the sun for long.

3/ COOLA Mineral Daydream Primer (SPF 30) - I recently purchased this product and have fallen in love with it! It not only provides SPF but it hydrates, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and redness which is important for me. It makes your skin look dewy but not greasy at all. I also love COOLA because their products are cruelty free, and free from parabens and sulfates.

4/ It Cosmetics CC Cream (SPF 50+) - This is by far the most benefits and SPF coverage I have ever found in a CC or BB cream. This product is so hydrating and brightening. I bought it based on reviews on YouTube and I am so glad I did. My face is something that I have to make sure sunscreen is on at all times, because I do not want things burned or shaved off as a result of the sun. This would be my number one product if they had more shades available. I purchased 'light' but I feel that I probably need 'fair' to make it more my color, but that would get pretty expensive.

5/ Blistex Soft and Lush Chapstick (SPF 15) - You can't forget about your lips! I have went through so many tubes of this because it really is the softest, and it doesn't taste like it has sunscreen in it at all.

So there are my top favorite products right now that provide some coverage from the sun. What are some of your favorite products that I should try out? 

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