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VivianBishopxo: My Weekly - At Home Manicure Routine!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Weekly - At Home Manicure Routine!

Hi Everyone!!

For all of you girls who don't like to spend the extra cash at the nail salon, this post is for you! 

I personally love doing my own nails and buying new nail polish. I sometimes paint my nails anywhere from 1-3 times a week; depending on my mood. Weekly though, I go through my nail maintenance routine where I really take care of my nails.

I am going to show all of you my process, as well as my favorite products to use!

1. I start off by removing all old nail polish from my fingers. I use any brand or type of nail polish remover, I am not really picky on that. I do love to use cotton rounds, rather than cotton balls because I feel like I only need a couple to take off all of my polish. 

2. I use my "Sally Hansen ; Instant Cuticle Remover" on all ten nails around the nail bed and all over dry cuticles. I use the nail pusher tool to push back all of my cuticles and then wash off the excess with warm soap and water. 

3. I trim all of my nails and use my file to file my nails to desired length and shape. (I love finding cute nail files at ulta/target!)

4. I then paint my nails whatever color I choose to use that day, (pictured is "come hither" from the new sinful colors gel tech line

5. As for my top coat, I always use the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in the red bottle! It's my favorite!

6. On top of that I take my OPI drying drops and put one small drop on top of every nail for some extra shine, quick drying, and to help prevent chipping. 

7. I finish everything off by using my Julep Cuticle Oil around my nail beds after my polish is dried. Then I will use my favorite hand cream, which at the moment has been Pink Chiffon from bath and body works!



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