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VivianBishopxo: February Favorites

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Favorites

I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by! With March approaching, you know what that means....SPRING is coming! I know a lot of you are very excited for the warmer weather, and of course spring break. I on the other hand am excited to bust out my sandals, and bright nail polishes!

I wanted to get my February favorites up, because I have been LOVING quite a few new and old things this month. So I'm just gonna hop right in..

Brookeside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Candy - Holy moly are these things addicting! I usually am not a big fan of dark chocolate, but I absolutely love these. I have a small bag in my desk drawer at work for when I need a little chocolate pick me up, and I don't feel THAT guilty.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - This is my #1 all time favorite makeup applicator product! I had always used a dense face brush to apply my foundation, and never considered buying the beauty blender because of the pricy $30.00 dollar price tag. This sponge when wet, is so fluffy and bouncy that your foundation goes on so flawlessly. I have noticed such a huge difference in my makeup application since using this sponge. All I do is wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water, and bounce the sponge all over my face and neck with the foundation (instead of swiping or pulling the product around) and I have so much more coverage and absolutely no streaking. This sponge is less than $6.00 at Ulta!

 Tone "Petal Soft" body wash -  I received this product in my Bzz agent kit to try out, and I love this. I am such a sucker for not only packaging but things that smell amazing and this has both. My favorite flowers are peony's and the scent of this body wash is so girly and pretty.

OPI - Dont Bossa Nova Me Around - I have no words for how absolutely beautiful this nail polish is! I hunted for it around my town for two weeks before I finally found it, and boy am I so happy I have this nail polish in my life. It is the prettiest "nude" like color I have. It is a blush toned, but still very subtle and romantic looking. Any and all nail polish fanatics, you need to get your hands on this color.

Ed Hardy "Love Kills Slowly" Perfume - Don't judge me for wearing Ed Hardy perfume, when you smell this perfume you'll know why. This is literally "my" kind of scent, it is so girly and clean smelling and perfect for fall! Joe recently bought be a new one because mine was getting dangerously low. Perfect spring and summer scent.

My new crockpot - I know, I'm a grandma; but this thing has changed my life! I have found so many perfect and delicious recipes on pinterest to just throw in the crockpot for the day, and dinner is done! Life is made so much easier since this purchase.  

My favorite crockpot recipes:

Tri Tip with Salsa - This is literally so easy and my favorite. We serve it with black beans, and sometimes chips and nacho cheese. So great for parties.

Chicken and Stuffing - Comfort food!!! So easy as well, and very filling!

What were some of your February favorites?

***Tone Body wash was provided by BzzAgent for testing purposes only. Everything else was purchased on my own and all opinions are my own.***

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At February 26, 2014 at 3:39 PM , Blogger Heather @ From Here to There said...

I definitely have to find that pomegranate chocolate you're talking about!! Both of my favorite things in ONE! I love a good crockpot and crockpot cooking is the greatest! If a new crockpot doesn't make it on your list of favorite things - I'd call that unhuman lol. Great list! Thanks so much for linking up with us today, hope to see you link-up next month too! :)

At February 27, 2014 at 12:28 PM , Blogger Meg Doherty said...

I just love that nail polish color!! I am also a sucker for dark chocolate!! That combination with pomegranate sounds heavenly :) Thanks so much for linking up with us! I hope you'll join us again in March!

At February 28, 2014 at 12:42 PM , Blogger Amanda @ Marry Mint said...

Hi there! Oh my gosh I recently found the Brookside Chocolates too---soooo addicting! It's dark chocolate and fruit so that means its healthy, right? ;)


At March 3, 2014 at 8:44 AM , Blogger Vivianstonexo said...

Oh yes you do! I have found them at walmart and target.

At March 3, 2014 at 8:45 AM , Blogger Vivianstonexo said...

It's a great color and formula! I definitely will see you next month :)

At March 3, 2014 at 8:45 AM , Blogger Vivianstonexo said...

I know right, sounds healthier with the fruit haha.


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