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VivianBishopxo: Five Beauty Things I Suck At

Monday, November 23, 2015

Five Beauty Things I Suck At

I hope you all are enjoying the short work week! I am here today to share five beauty things that I suck at. I have seen this tag on YouTube quite some time ago and after thinking about it myself, it was not hard to come up with five things. I love beauty products and doing my makeup...but there are just some things that I will never enjoy doing or even be good at doing.

1. Applying false lashes| False lashes are not my forte...I absolutely love the look of them on others but maybe my eyes are too sensitive or something because I am never comfortable in them. Yes, I have watched every "how to apply false lashes" on YouTube and I still have troubles. If they aren't applied right there is no point in wearing them because they can look so bad.

2. Winged eyeliner| I typically do a very thin line of eyeliner because I don't like anything too dramatic, but when I wan't to go out I would love to rock a winged eye. When I start, the line is too thin and with each swipe I make it thicker and thicker until I freak out and have to re-do my entire eye look. I never am satisfied because they never match.

3. Plucking my eyebrows| This is probably my least favorite thing ever. I'm not good at it whatsoever, and it hurts. I usually just hit up a Benefit Brow Bar twice a year and then maintain them when needed, but I really suck at it.

4. Reapplying lip product| Why is it that I can apply lip product and look so put together, but after coffee or eating the product disappears, I can never remember to apply. I always forget to bring said lip product in my bag, and then I just gravitate to chapstick especially in the winter.

5. Using Primer| I don't know if I just feel it is unnecessary for my skin/eyes or what but I ALWAYS forget primer. I buy it, intend on using it, and never do. I have good intentions but it just rarely happens. Adding a new step into my beauty routine always takes me some time to remember to actually do it.

What are some beauty things you suck at doing or just don't like doing in general?

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