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VivianBishopxo: Week 1: Get Fit, Feel Confident Be Healthy Linkup!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 1: Get Fit, Feel Confident Be Healthy Linkup!

This is my first week of joining Brittany and Sam's "Get Fit, Feel Confident Be Healthy Linkup". I am so excited to read all of the girls posts on being healthy and getting fit, it is super motivating for me!

I will say that I am starting as of now; Monday January 13th. I also have not weighed myself yet for the week which is why I am starting today and weighing myself tonight to get started!

My problem: I have hypothyroidism, it was diagnosed about a couple of years ago and pretty much every girl in my family has the same problem. We all have to take thyroid medication every morning for probably forever. It's not fun having to wake up and remember to take a pill every morning when you should be a young healthy 21 year old. But I am very thankful that it is manageable, it just makes some things tough for me.

I had started doing morning smoothies with a ton of fruit and veggies including spinach....well after doing more research I found that I really shouldn't have raw spinach with hypothyroidism because it contains Goitrogens that slow down the thyroid function. NOT COOL, I thought I had been doing so good every morning throwing all these delicious fruits and veggies only to find out I was sabotaging my thyroid and medication! Since then, I have added carrots, Chia seeds, ginger root, and zucchini. I have also taken out all things that may affect my medication in the morning. So I am starting fresh this week with my new and improved smoothies, and I am bringing my lunch to work every day as well as cooking dinner at home.

I know that roughly I would love to loose about 15-20 pounds, as well as being fit and healthy!

My fur baby will love this because that means more walks for him daily as well.

Fit + Fab
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