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VivianBishopxo: Day of Wedding Essentials

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day of Wedding Essentials

Ladies, when searching on Pinterest to figure out everything I needed on my wedding day, I laughed. Not at all of the items of course, but some of them I figured I would never need. Wrong. There are several things I wish I would have brought because I actually would have used them. 

My dress had a pretty long train and had a poof at the bottom like most wedding gowns do. I cannot count the number of times people stepped on my dress. It wasn't anyone's fault, because it was so big when I would dance or hug someone they would accidentally step on it. Not even halfway through the reception, I realize - no scratch that, someone pointed out that my dress was ripped. In my head I thought about how I laughed that I wouldn't need that silly sewing kit. Well it would have come in handy. Thankfully it ripped right at the seam on the zipper and on my upper back (it could have ripped in a much worse place).

Just because you may think you won't use something, still pack it and you won't be sorry. I over packed, even just for the day and I'm glad I had these things on hand.

Here are some things I did pack:

+ Deodorant | Trust me, you'll wanna freshen up!
+ Phone charger | If you hand your phone over like I did and you're out of the house/hotel all day this will be necessary. 
+ Lotion | It's all about showing off the ring. 
+ Lip color you are wearing | Touch ups 
+ Nail polish color you're wearing | Ditto. 
+ Bobby-pins
+ Hairspray
+ Bandaids
+ Mints or little Colgate Wisp freshen brushes
+ Lint roller 
+ Tissues | For any tears or also works for blotting lipstick or excess oil. 
+ Pain Reliever | I had a major headache and my back really hurt that morning.
+ Sandals or flip flops | I actually ended up not even putting on my heels!! You couldn't see my feet anyway. 

Things I didn't but wish I had packed: 

+ Sewing kit
+ Bug spray | I didn't take into consideration the bugs for our outdoor ceremony, but I wish I would have thought to bring bug spray for everyone.
+ Double sided tape or skin tape. 

MUST haves:
Marriage License 
Extra cash for tipping (unless someone else is handling)

Another tip: Drinking water is so important to stay hydrated, and eating will keep the bridezilla mood to a minimum. 

What were some of your essentials? Anything else you would recommend? 

Wedding Wednesday

**This post is not sponsored, everything was purchased with my own money**

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At October 29, 2014 at 6:41 AM , Blogger Ashley @ Girl Talk said...

I did an internship as a Wedding Planner for about a year or so and you wouldn't believe some of the brides showing up with absolutely nothing or everything you could ever think of. One thing that a lot of brides don't think about are lighters - if you are having candles. If you are providing your own candles, you can't assume the venue will have one. And not just one lighter..MULTIPLE in case one doesn't work.

At October 29, 2014 at 8:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a great list of things to have! That is so sad to hear your dress ripped! I am having a corset added to the back of mine, so hopefully the zipper pulling doesn't happen.
p.s. you are killing me without having more pictures yet, I can't imagine how you feel waiting for them!

At October 29, 2014 at 9:59 AM , Blogger Kristyn said...

These are so true! I didn't think I'd need 1/2 these things, but surprise. You do! You will need all of them on your wedding day. And it's better to be overly prepared than not prepared enough.


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