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VivianBishopxo: July 2015

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wedding Guests: Do's and Don'ts

I miss doing Wedding Wednesday posts so much! Planning our wedding was my hobby the majority of last year and I loved it. I meant to write a post on etiquette for wedding guests a long time ago but never did! These are all things that I personally experienced, or thought would be useful to someone going to a wedding soon.


RSVP on time! This was a huge pain for me. We of course pay for these RSVP's with the paid postage for a reason, so please send them back. Don't text the bride that you'll be there, she has enough going on that it's better just to see it in writing. Plus, then she will know if you are bringing a guest and your food option.

Show up on time. This was a huge problem for our wedding day. We were ready to start the ceremony when someone ran in and told us we had to wait because someone had to run somewhere but they will be right back. Needless to say, I was't pleased. Show up early and find a spot; the bride and groom will be thankful.

Stay for the reception. It was sad to see how many people came to our wedding and only managed to stay for dinner before any of the fun parts of our reception. The newlyweds and their families have put a lot of time and effort into the reception, so stay to celebrate and enjoy it!

Pay attention to the dress code if there is one. It's just polite. I didn't mind what people wore as long as it wasn't flip flops, tank tops, and jeans. People still showed up in them anyway, and I didn't care much, but it's just nice to follow the bride's lead.

Use the hashtag! I had so much fun looking through our hashtag after our wedding, it helped me get get through until we had our professional photos back.


Bring a date if it wasn't specified on your RSVP to do so. If anything, I would say ask the bride if it is important to you but never just assume and show up with someone.

Text the bride a few days before her wedding canceling on her. I had a "friend" text me to say that they couldn't make it to my wedding a couple of days prior because of work. The food was paid for, the seating chart was finished, and it was hurtful that my friend didn't request this day off months ago.

Use your phone during the ceremony, especially if the couple specifically requests not to do so. I can't imagine who you would need to text in the middle of a ceremony that couldn't wait until after so just don't do it!


I'm sure I missed something, but these are things that really stand out to me. What are some of your rules for weddings?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Television Binge Recap

Lately, I've been watching a lot of television shows. On my days off I have been catching up on my favorite shows and I'm not ashamed. It's been too hot to do activities outside, and since we got back from our trip to Vegas I've been a bit of a lounger. Also, I lost my fitbit charger and haven't purchased a new one yet, so my steps wouldn't count anyway..right?? Here are my thoughts on the shows I've been watching recently.

Shark Week I watched more this year than I ever have before, and let me tell you that I loved every minute of it. It made me anxious, but watching those people get in those cages and let huge sharks push them...I will never understand. Best for me to sit at home and watch them do it.

Teen Mom 2 is back and the season premier was this past week. This is a show that I just can't quit no matter how awful it gets. I felt like Leah was such a mess last season and it seems to be the same so far. I really didn't like the whole fight between Kail and Javi at all..I would never fight with my husband like that in front of our friends, but to each their own. Javi was being a big baby and should have sucked it up, got Issac, and let her go to the concert. But it seems they don't trust each other, so there may be more to that. I think this season will be good!

Big Brother is always a must every summer. My family has been watching since season 2 and I love it. I must admit that I get sucked into the twitter pages that tweet every single update. I personally am not a fan of Clay and Shelli at all. I really liked Da'Vonne because she wasn't about to suck up to anyone and I think Jason is hilarious. I am also a big fan of the twin twist, even though everyone already knows.

Real Housewives of New York I am obsessed with this season! I quit watching New York after Bethenny left the show, so of course I had to watch since she came back. I love her, and I feel like the rest of the ladies are crazy! I love that LuAnn is much more relaxed since her divorce. These women have no care in the world how they speak to each other and it makes for great TV.

Real Housewives of Orange County The last episode I watched was where Vicki's mom passed away. I cried of course because I could not imagine. I think it was great that the girls came together to support her even if they may not all get along. I have always loved Vicki and Tamra's relationship and I hope they continue to work on their friendship. Also, not sure I like this new housewife one bit. She seems very dramatic and entitled. I'm pretty sure I am going to be so jealous when we see Heather's new home once it's done because it's going to be huge! Oh, and I don't particularly care for Shannon even though I feel bad for her.

Pretty Little Liars is one of the only shows that I watch weekly that I have left on my DVR. I'm really annoyed with this season so far and I'm sick of this entire story line. I kind of wish they would wrap everything up and end it. I'll catch up when I have time but until then...I'm not impressed.

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