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VivianBishopxo: September 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Benefit Giveaway!

Hi everyone~

Since I figured that not everyone uses google+ or blogspot, I am going to do the giveaway through twitter! I will still count the entries I already have as well.

I am giving away three mini benefit goodies from my lash bash!

To enter!

Follow me ~ My Twitter

Give a shout out to my blog!

And just @ mention me to let me know you want entered, I will also accept it from the comments on here as well!!!

October 5th I will message the winner and ship the prize, once claimed!!


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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Lash Bash Party!

Hi Everyone!! I wanted to share with everyone how my Benefit + Ipsy Lash Bash went last night!

I had such a great time with my friends and family and couldn't be more thankful for the things that I received and was able to give amazing products out to my guests! 

I had everyone come to my place around 6:30 for dinner, desert, games, and fun! My mom made amazing enchiladas and dips for everyone; which was a hit! I made pink cupcakes and had a candy bar.  

We played the purse search game where you see who can get the most points from the items on a list that would be found in a purse, we also did a word search game, and a guessing game! 

Then we all played with makeup and took a ton of pictures! I really had the best time having everyone over to host my first party in mine and Joe's new place! I hope you all enjoy all of the pictures, I am still doing a giveaway I will mention again below! So please enter in that and I will pick a winner on October 5th! 

I want to thank Benefit and Ipsy as well as Kacey @sparkliebarbie , I had a great time! 

As for the Giveaway! I saved one guest bag with benefit products! This is a U.S only giveaway and I will choose a winner on October 5th! 

1. Follow me on twitter
2. Follow my blog 
3. Comment down below and let me know you enter!
Also let me know on Twitter!

Thats it!!

Thanks everyone!!!!


Follow my instagram for all of the party pics and videos!!! My Instagram

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lash Bash + Giveaway!

Hi Girls!!

lash bash

I am super excited about todays post....because; I was chosen to throw a benefit + Ipsy Lash Bash!

Basically on September 21st is when the bashes take place and you can invite 9 other girls to attend and receive fun bags! In those bags for the guests is one mini benetint, a mini sugarbomb lip gloss, and a they're real mascara; of course, since it is a Lash Bash! 

(I would include pictures of the lash bash kit, but mine is stuck in North Carolina due to weather :( )

Since finding out that I was chosen to do this, I have been shopping like crazy to get things for the party. I also wanted to include a giveaway for one of my readers! I will keep one guest bag to give away to one winner on October 5th!!

Please comment below if you wish to win a gift bag with the Benefit goodies! I will choose one winner at random and let them know on Oct. 5th

Rules: Follow my blog, google+ this, follow me on twitter @VivianStonee, and retweet my blog!

I am super excited, and will post more when I get my box, which I hope is before my party!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Five Essie Polishes For Fall!


Essie by vivianstonee featuring Essie

Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would share my top five favorite Essie nail polishes for the fall time! I can for sure say that Essie is my all time favorite nail polish brand! I am constantly looking out for their new seasonal collections and feel the need to go out and buy them right away! Here are some of my favorites for this 2013 fall season!!

1. For The Twill Of It - I currently have this polish on my nails and toes, and I am obsessed with this color! I love the darker polishes for fall and I love it because it has different dimensions to the color so it really pops when the light hits it!

2. Bahama Mama - I feel like this color is a staple to fall nail polishes! It is a beautiful wine/purple-ish color. So so pretty!

3.  Vested Intrest - When I first saw this color I wasn't so sure about the color for fall, but after seeing it on the nails I was sold! 

4. The Lace Is On- I am in love with wine and magenta colors in the colder months, and this is absolutely the prettiest color, it has some shimmer which makes it really stand out.

5. Midnight Cami - This polish is a deep, dark color which I love. I think it is perfect for fall because its not your typical black or brown yet it still has color and is a change from all of the pastel and neons I have been wearing all summer! 

So there are some of my favorite fall polishes..Fall is my favorite season and I cannot wait to share more fall favorite or fall inspired blog posts and videos!


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Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Heart Fall Tag!!

I did this video with Lindsey! She also has a blog and youtube channel!! http://www.xolindseymarie.com

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pinterest Addiction!

For the past year now I have loved pinterest, but since Joe and I moved into our own place I really have become addicted! Over the past year or so I have pinned so many adorable things that I hope to cook, DIY, buy, etc. (It's really bad for your wallet) When I worked at an elementary school with first graders I would use this website for all of my lesson plans and fun craft ideas for them! I just can't get enough. Now that we are slowly but surely getting our new place all set up and more cozy I have been loving the home decor and DIY section of pinterest.. I literally want mason jars all over my house!

I plan on doing a ton of DIY projects soon, and would love to share them with you all! If anyone has a pinterest and is obsessed as I am, follow me!


Below, is a mini DIY project we did for our entry way!


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