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VivianBishopxo: November 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Five Beauty Things I Suck At

I hope you all are enjoying the short work week! I am here today to share five beauty things that I suck at. I have seen this tag on YouTube quite some time ago and after thinking about it myself, it was not hard to come up with five things. I love beauty products and doing my makeup...but there are just some things that I will never enjoy doing or even be good at doing.

1. Applying false lashes| False lashes are not my forte...I absolutely love the look of them on others but maybe my eyes are too sensitive or something because I am never comfortable in them. Yes, I have watched every "how to apply false lashes" on YouTube and I still have troubles. If they aren't applied right there is no point in wearing them because they can look so bad.

2. Winged eyeliner| I typically do a very thin line of eyeliner because I don't like anything too dramatic, but when I wan't to go out I would love to rock a winged eye. When I start, the line is too thin and with each swipe I make it thicker and thicker until I freak out and have to re-do my entire eye look. I never am satisfied because they never match.

3. Plucking my eyebrows| This is probably my least favorite thing ever. I'm not good at it whatsoever, and it hurts. I usually just hit up a Benefit Brow Bar twice a year and then maintain them when needed, but I really suck at it.

4. Reapplying lip product| Why is it that I can apply lip product and look so put together, but after coffee or eating the product disappears, I can never remember to apply. I always forget to bring said lip product in my bag, and then I just gravitate to chapstick especially in the winter.

5. Using Primer| I don't know if I just feel it is unnecessary for my skin/eyes or what but I ALWAYS forget primer. I buy it, intend on using it, and never do. I have good intentions but it just rarely happens. Adding a new step into my beauty routine always takes me some time to remember to actually do it.

What are some beauty things you suck at doing or just don't like doing in general?

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Holiday Ready with Marley Lilly

Thank you Marley Lilly for sponsoring today's post!

I cannot believe that the holidays are right around the corner. With Thanksgiving just next week, this also means Black Friday. My favorite shopping day of the year. I am all about trying to find the best deals, especially when it comes to buying gifts so we don't break the bank.

I am so happy to be teaming up with this company again this year. Marley Lilly is the best online shop for finding anything and everything monogrammed. Not to mention at great prices. They offer many different color options, and fonts. I personally own quite a few pieces from this company and always get compliments on them. Getting to purchase things with my new monogram on them was my favorite thing to do once I was married. Oh, and their packaging is so perfect!

I recently received this Silver Jackie Bracelet and I cannot stop wearing it. I love dainty jewelry that goes with everything. This piece is perfect because it can bend to be bigger or smaller, depending on your wrist size. I was so happy to see this because sometimes when I buy bracelets without a clasp they tend to fall off, but this fits me perfectly. This bracelet is apart of their Black Friday preview that lasts until this evening (11/20/15) So definitely check it out!

Make sure to check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. I know they will not disappoint. Perfect for the people who prefer to online shop and skip the crowds.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I was sent this item to review honestly and will be compensated. All opinions are my own.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

101 in 1001

I am going to attempt to finish 101 things in 1001 days!
Start: August 16, 2015  End: August 13, 2018

For Myself:
1.Get all health issues figured out so we can start a family. (praying for that and it is the most important thing on my list)
2.Video or vlog events/holidays that are important to us
3.Host Easter at our home every year (2016)
4.Find my calling career wise
5.Get my first real teaching job
6.Finish my degree (in progress)
7.Journal every day for a month (if I can, keep it going a year)
8.Spend time with God / Read my bible each morning
9.Print all of my favorite recipes at create a binder/book
10.Organize all of my family/baby pictures into photo albums (October 2016)
11.Write future me emails to myself each year (2016/2017)
12.Bake cookies for my neighbors every holiday season
13.Create a gallery wall in our home
14. Adopt another dog (God willing Pepper can get along with another dog)
15. Try 25 new to me recipes from Pinterest (6/25)
16. Make a photo album for every year

For Others:
17.Volunteer my time
18.Raise my monthly donation to St. Jude every year
19.Donate supplies to a shelter every winter holiday
20.Adopt a family for Christmas
21.Pay for someones Starbucks
22.Write handwritten notes to someone each month
23.Completely purge my closet and donate everything I am not wearing/will not wear

24.Host a couples game night (2016)
25.Find a trivia night in my town
26.Attempt YouTube again
27.Keep my niece overnight/take her on fun adventures (3)
28.Keep the Black Friday tradition going every year (2015)
29.Take a painting/wine class
30.Try a cooking class with my husband
31.Read 50 books
32.Have a girls night out (October 2016)
33.Attend three concerts 1/3 (The Killers April 2016)
34.See three shows (Mystere Las Vegas 2016)
35.Take a calligraphy class
36.Start a bar cart
37.Go on a very fancy date (1)
38.Sporting event with my husband
39.Have an annual Harry Potter marathon (2016)
40.Go ice skating
41.Zip-line in Vegas
42.Take a makeup class
43.Make a holiday wreath
44.Bake a pie from scratch
45.Try snowboarding/skiing
46.Build a snowman
47.Try five restaurants in our town that we've never tried. (2/5)
48.Go on a double date every month

49.Take at least two trips back to Las Vegas (2/2) April and October 2016
50.Take a trip for each our marriage anniversaries (October 2016)
51.Go camping somewhere new at least once
52.Go to Disneyland!
53.Go on a day trip somewhere we've never been
54.Try Airbnb
55.Get my husband on a plane
56.Take a girls trip (February 2016) (October 2016)
57.Go to the east coast
58.Take a couples trip

59.Start a separate savings account solely dedicated to buying a home
60.Create a better "just in case" savings fund
61.Get my credit score to my goal number
62.Move/Buy a home
63.Pay off our car
64.Buy a second car
65.Invest in really nice bedroom furniture (We bought a new bed! -2016)
66.Pay off student loans, or at least a huge dent
67.Save change each year and cash it in around Christmas
68.Try couponing one month
69.Do a no spend challenge for a month

Physical/Mental Health:
70.Exercise 3x a week for a month no excuses
71.Practice meditation/meditate every morning
72.Complete the 30 day plank challenge
73.Complete the 30 day squat challenge
74.Try yoga for a week straight and go from there
75.No fast food for a month - this includes Starbucks
76.Go gluten free for a week
77.Go without social media a whole day
78.Get to my goal weight
79.Take a barre class
80.Track water intake
81.Get back into playing tennis

82.Blog for an entire year 3x a week
83.Purchase a domain
84.Attend a blog conference
85.Host a link-up
86.Create a series
87.Take five blogging courses
88.Get professional blog photos taken
89.Host a giveaway
90.Offer sponsorships
91.Meet a blog friend in real life
92.Increase blog's monthly pageviews 10x
93.Grow blog followers by 1,000
94.Grow blog followers by 1,500
95.Instagram milestone of 1,000+
96.Twitter milestone of 1,000+
97.Create a media kit
98.Redo my about me page(January 2016)
99.Invest in a good camera for photos
100.Get business cards for blog/professional career

And finally...

101.Finish this entire list

Go link up with Macy! She will be doing check ins every three months so we can all stay on top of our lists, which is a great idea.

to travel and beyond

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Volume 1| On my list

Happy Wednesday friends! I am showing up late to the blogging game this week, but that's okay. I am planning posts for the next few weeks so that is motivating me to get them actually finished! We have finally entered fall weather here in California and I couldn't be happier. The fact that Black Friday ad's came out this week is making me super excited for the weeks to come.

....Finish my 101 in 1001 list for Macy's linkup on Monday.

...Making a Black Friday plan. I always like to have a set list of things I know I definitely want to escape with and finding the best deals.

...Planning our first Thanksgiving in OUR home this year. This is a big deal because we always do Thanksgiving at my moms, but this year it's our turn and I'm excited/nervous. I want everything to be perfect. That's where Pinterest comes in to save the day.

...Finding more Ebooks to read! I loved Leah Remini's book Troublemaker so much that I read it in a day. I need recommendations. P.S I actually love reading on my iPhone, it is so convenient and it's easy to do in bed!

...I have an Ulta wish list so long that it seems I'm always adding something new. Right now I am lusting over This Tarte Holiday Set and the Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation

...To give Vanderpump Rules one more shot. I watched this show when it first started, but it didn't stick with me. After hearing so many good things, I'm gonna give it a go again.

...To buy Justin Bieber's album this Friday. I know... you either love him or hate him and I just happen to really love him.

What is on your list lately? 

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