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VivianBishopxo: October 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beauty Box 5 | October 2014

Happy Thursday friends, today I am sharing my October Beauty Box 5 subscription.

The Beauty Box 5 is $12.00 a month or $8.00 a month for an annual subscription. Five beauty products delivered right to your door. 

Lashem | Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer - I received a Lashem product last month as well and I liked the product. These are very small samples so it's hard to see if you get any good results to see if you would want to purchase the full size. So far though, I am enjoying this product. 

Nanacoco | Nail Polish (Full Size) - I of course love getting new nail polish but this color just is not for me at all. I did see some other girls got different colors, and they were really pretty though!

Extend Your Beauty | Cosmetic Tool (Full Size) This product is pretty cool, I am actually nearing the end of my foundation and I think this product will come in handy. I always hate when my pump stops even though there is quite a bit of product left in the bottle! I'm pretty excited to use this tool, and it's dishwasher safe so you can re-use it!

ChapStick | Hydration Lock (Full Size) I was super excited about this lip product because my lips have been super dry lately and I have been eyeing this since it came out! I love that it has two ends of product; one for moisture and one that says renew. I have been loving it. 

Bellapierre | Cheek and Lip Stain "Pink" - I am not one to get too excited over lip and cheek stains so this wasn't that exciting for me. I think it is a pretty color but too bright for my skin tone. 

With three full size products this month, I am pretty happy! 

Go check out Beauty Box 5 and try out a new subscription service! Even if you already have one you love, you can never have enough beauty products.

* I received this box courtesy of Beauty Box 5 for reviewing purposes only, all opinions are my own.*

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day of Wedding Essentials

Ladies, when searching on Pinterest to figure out everything I needed on my wedding day, I laughed. Not at all of the items of course, but some of them I figured I would never need. Wrong. There are several things I wish I would have brought because I actually would have used them. 

My dress had a pretty long train and had a poof at the bottom like most wedding gowns do. I cannot count the number of times people stepped on my dress. It wasn't anyone's fault, because it was so big when I would dance or hug someone they would accidentally step on it. Not even halfway through the reception, I realize - no scratch that, someone pointed out that my dress was ripped. In my head I thought about how I laughed that I wouldn't need that silly sewing kit. Well it would have come in handy. Thankfully it ripped right at the seam on the zipper and on my upper back (it could have ripped in a much worse place).

Just because you may think you won't use something, still pack it and you won't be sorry. I over packed, even just for the day and I'm glad I had these things on hand.

Here are some things I did pack:

+ Deodorant | Trust me, you'll wanna freshen up!
+ Phone charger | If you hand your phone over like I did and you're out of the house/hotel all day this will be necessary. 
+ Lotion | It's all about showing off the ring. 
+ Lip color you are wearing | Touch ups 
+ Nail polish color you're wearing | Ditto. 
+ Bobby-pins
+ Hairspray
+ Bandaids
+ Mints or little Colgate Wisp freshen brushes
+ Lint roller 
+ Tissues | For any tears or also works for blotting lipstick or excess oil. 
+ Pain Reliever | I had a major headache and my back really hurt that morning.
+ Sandals or flip flops | I actually ended up not even putting on my heels!! You couldn't see my feet anyway. 

Things I didn't but wish I had packed: 

+ Sewing kit
+ Bug spray | I didn't take into consideration the bugs for our outdoor ceremony, but I wish I would have thought to bring bug spray for everyone.
+ Double sided tape or skin tape. 

MUST haves:
Marriage License 
Extra cash for tipping (unless someone else is handling)

Another tip: Drinking water is so important to stay hydrated, and eating will keep the bridezilla mood to a minimum. 

What were some of your essentials? Anything else you would recommend? 

Wedding Wednesday

**This post is not sponsored, everything was purchased with my own money**

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

I'm super excited to be here on a Monday, and with a weekend recap! If you didn't already know, I work weekends. Every weekend. So that makes weekend recaps usually not so interesting unless you wanted to hear about some of the rude and bizarre calls I take every weekend. Hey, that actually might be a pretty funny post. Anyway, this weekend was filled with fun fall stuff so since I did something besides working, I thought I would document it.


Friday is my normal day off, but I went into the office for a quick meeting and went home. Joe and I went to pick up some drinks, and pie for our evening. We had my sisters and my sisters boyfriend, Anthony (who happens to be Joe's best friend) over for pumpkin carving, or in my case; painting. We had pumpkin pie, hard cider, and gutted a few pumpkins. Although, I don't like to actually carve so I always opt to paint mine, and stay nice and clean. I'm lame, I know.

 Pep likes pumpkin guts. 

My sister wins for her carving skills.

My finished pumpkin.


I worked all day, but went home to the amazing surprise that Sons of Anarchy season 6 was on Netflix! We just bought a new blue ray player so I don't have to watch Netflix on my laptop, which is amazing. I would express my strong feelings for Jax Teller, but I'm a married lady people. Just kidding Joe completely understands my love for him as well. We did laundry, ate, and spent the rest of the night on the couch. Oh and wine with sprite, because wine isn't tasty enough for me.


I woke up earlier than usual because I had a really weird excitement to get my pot roast in the crock pot as early as possible before work. I wonder how many times I texted Joe how amazing the house smelt while I was at work. Weird. Joe and I went to my moms house before I left for work for donuts and coffee. I don't know why, but my mom makes the best coffee and our Keurig just doesn't live up to momma's coffee.

We ate that delicious pot roast, that I have been talking about for weeks. Went on a nice walk (the weather was amazing) and back to the couch it was. I'm trying to finish seasons 6 and what's been aired of season 7 before the series finale, so Joe and I can watch together.

P.S - I am using my lunch break today to go buy a certain CD at target, anyone have any guesses which one????

Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?

Weekend Recap

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Friday, October 24, 2014


I love reading a good currently post, everyone else has probably already done one and I'm probs the last one to participate. I'm always late, just kidding I'm actually always 30 minutes early but to this game - I am. 

Anyway, on to the post..


reading | I was reading "Eleanor & Park" before wedding planning and school took over my life. I need to get back to that book!

writing | This blog post and alternating between writing an essay for an early childhood education class. 

listening | To this awful Flo Progressive radio commercial. This woman makes me want to pull out my own hair. 

thinking | About how badly I want to make a pot roast, but I've never made one before. Pinterest here I come.

smelling | This delicious banana bread that I made and now am about to eat. 

wishing | For fall weather to officially start. No boots, no scarves yet, not here in California at least. #sad

hoping | To make some halloween plans. This will be our first holiday as a married couple! 

wearing | I actually look really fall appropriate in my maroon shirt and gold jewelry. Oh and I'm wearing flats, which isn't often because - flat feet. 

wanting | To take a vacation. Since we didn't get to take our honeymoon yet, we just jumped right back into our routines and we could use a vacation! I have been whining about wanting to go to Disneyland for far too long. 

loving | My husband and puppy. They keep me sane after long days at work. 

needing | For it to be October 25th so I can binge watch season 6 of Sons of Anarchy! Oh and to think of new blog name ideas, and someone to give me a pretty new blog design! Throw ideas my way.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Things I've learned since planning our wedding.

Guys, I'm a married lady and I still cannot get over it! I am just sitting over here waiting impatiently  patiently to get our wedding photos back so I can start the recaps. I have been thinking about all the different things you come across and experience when planning a wedding, and I thought I would share.

So, here are some things I have learned since planning our wedding..

People will not RSVP - You would think when you self address an envelop and provide a stamp to send back an RSVP, that people would. NOPE. I don't know how many texts or Facebook messages I received either accepting or declining. But that's not all...

People who RSVP may change their mind last minute - Yep...there will be those people who come up with a really bad excuse to not come last minute. It happened two days before and even one day before the wedding. After all of the food was paid for of course.

You will see the people who make an effort - SO true.. I kept reading articles about how people you wouldn't expect to step up and help, will. And some people who should be, sadly won't. Now this isn't the case for every wedding, but it was in mine. You will see what friends make an effort to be there, and who helps in anyway they can.

Pinterest will be your frenemy  - I loved Pinterest so much for inspiration in planning a wedding, but definitely have your own vision before searching on Pinterest. You want your wedding to show your vision and your fiance as a couple, and picking things that look pretty but isn't something you actually like won't do that.

DIY will be A LOT of hard work - Don't let people fool you into thinking that DIY is cheaper and easier. It's not. I did quite a bit of DIY projects for our wedding and let me just say although it was a lot of extra time, they were worth the time and the money. DIY will make your wedding unique from others. It's your time to put your own personal touches on your big day. I did all of our chalkboards, escort cards, guest favors, and our card box. It was worth it.

Things won't always go the way you planned - You gotta let it go girl, after months and months of planning a beautiful wedding you gotta let it go. Just like Frozen said. I had to let a lot go.

Cake people didn't show up on time? Let it go.

Dealing with people asking to bring extra people - the day of the wedding? Let it go.

Your shoes hurt you too bad, so you wear flip flops? Let it gooooo. (no one saw my feet anyway)

If you have a mom like mine, she will be your lifesaver. -  My mom was my right hand and my coordinator the entire time of wedding planning. My poor mom was running around in heels the day of the wedding trying to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. She did amazing and I have no idea how to even thank her.

P.S - If you can and it's in your budget - hire a day of coordinator! I wish we would have.

But, through all these things that you will learn in the wedding planning process, the most important is to focus on your future marriage! You can't forget about your fiance in the midst of planning, set aside time - even when you're so busy to talk about how you're feeling or just go on a date. That was important for me. 

Now that it's over though, I'm sad. Of course I have plenty to fill my plate like school, work, a cute puppy, and a really cute new husband - but I miss it. I really enjoyed watching my vision for our day come to life, and now that it's over I need to find someone to let me help them plan their wedding! I'll even do it for the free cake. Desperate much? I think not.

Wedding Wednesday

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Deans List | Voxbox

I was super excited when I found out I was going to be receiving the "Deans List" Voxbox from Influenster. I love Influenster and every time I receive a box, I always find at least one new product that is now a staple and a favorite from then on. This time was no different because I loved really every singe product that came in this box!

COVERGIRL | Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation - I am in love with my COVERGIRL 3-in-1 foundation, and am almost out of it so I was really excited to see this product in the box. They gave me the color "buff" so it is a tiny bit too dark for me, so I am mixing with my lighter foundation and it works perfect. I love the coverage and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all! 

Playtex | Sport tampons - I have a few boxes of this product, and while they aren't my favorite I know people I am sure that will use them. 

Airheads | Bites - I think Joe and I ate this literally right when we pulled them out of the box. I love Airheads, and if you do too then you will love these!

SinfulColors | No Text Red - I love this color, and the idea behind the name of the color. This is the color that is a campaign for not texting and driving, which is a really important issue. SinfulColors encourages you to paint your thumb nail red to remind you not to text and drive! 

Softlips | Cube "Fresh Mint" - These are so awesome! I love how refreshing and moisturizing this little cube is, and since receiving this one I have already purchased more. I like much more than the EOS balms too! 

Pilot Pen | FriXion Clicker Pens - These pens are really great because they are a gel type pen and they have an eraser that actually works! I received one in black and in blue, and I love them! 

KISS | Natural Lashes - I am not one for fake lashes, but these look really nice because they look a lot more natural than other ones I have seen. 

This box introduced me to many new products that I have already fallen in love with!

**I received this Voxbox from Influenster for testing purposes only. All opinions are my own.**

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A prelude to our wedding.

I cannot believe I am finally married! What a crazy past few days it has been! I have no idea where to even start with these blog posts. I don't have the professional pictures yet, so I can't really re-cap or share the details quite yet. I just can't wait to share our special day with you all, but I guess there are some other things that I would probably benefit from getting off my chest..

Weddings are not all they are cracked up to be. I am so beyond thankful for Joe and if I wasn't sure a week ago (I was) I sure would be now, that I 100% married the right person. 

With weddings comes a lot of cost, pressure, and ups and downs. But never in all the nights that I stayed up panicking did I imagine just how cruel and mean people can be. Not just people, but family

Friday night; yes, the night before our wedding - I received some really upsetting news from my dad that turned our supposed to be girls night in with my mom and sisters into sadness, anger, and tears. I only bring this up now because I can't pretend that everything was exactly how I imagined. I won't go into details of course, but I think I got maybe three hours of sleep the night before. 

After drying my eyes and finally calming down we had people asking to come and bring extra people two hours before the wedding. Talk about stress..

The point that it really clicked for me that no one else mattered and this was OUR day was when our officiant prayed over our marriage. She spoke about how the person we were holding will be the one to wipe away tears and who will be here until the very end; Joe knew this very well from the night before. That night I had to put all of my anger and sadness away no matter how hard people tried to push me. Note: Someone made fun of the way I was standing during the ceremony... I think I prayed my way through the night to give me grace, and to get through it with a smile. 

I cannot forget to mention all of the amazing from the night, though! Once certain people left, everything was perfect. We had people there who genuinely love and care for Joe and I. These people helped the planning of this wedding for months and they lifted my spirits when I really needed it most. Joe, was my saving grace, he kept me calm and made me laugh even when I wanted to cry. That is what a wedding is about, anyway. 

This post is the prelude to the happiness of the wedding. I wanted to get this out of the way before I share everything else. There are so many happy things and thoughts from that night that I want to spew out all over this page, but I will wait until I have the pictures to back it up. 

Although I am sad it's over, I am just so happy to be married and start this new life as a wife and everything that comes with it!!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

5 days. FIVE DAYS!!

With only FIVE more days until the wedding, I figure this will probably be the last post for at least a week or two. I am trying my hardest to get through these two work days that stand in between sweet freedom for a few days. I still need to go home and make the favors for our guests, run last minute errands, and hopefully relax before the wedding weekend starts. With number changes from some guests which is a major bummer, to my final fitting (It fit!), and getting our marriage license; this past week has been busy. Not to mention I am trying to get homework done, so I have no worries this weekend.

I can't believe it's so close, it really does go by so quickly and you do have to enjoy every bit of wedding planning. I am already wondering what in the world I can plan next!

I'm positive there will be updates on twitter and instagram -  #bishopwedding14

Please wish me good luck that I won't fall, and that everything goes smoothly!

P.S I am participating in a giveaway along with some other blogger ladies that will run until October 14th!

PicMonkey Collage

Talk to you when I'm a Mrs!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Summer 2014 Goals: Recap

Back in June I posted what some of my goals or  "bucket list" this summer. Although we didn't go anywhere too excited (planning a wedding takes all the money) I was actually able to cross off quite a bit of stuff. 


1. Take nightly walks   Pretty much every night pup and I meet up with my mom and beanie for a walk. 
2. Find engagement outfits for Joe and I  This seems like SO long ago, I can't believe that we only took our engagement photos at the beginning of summer. 
3. Decide flowers, DJ, Food situation for wedding ALL. DONE. 
4. Pass my summer school class A+ Y'all 
5. Get new bedroom decor/furniture  - Wedding trumps new bedroom decor, after though that is high on the list. 
6. Blog 3-5 times a week - I wish. It's hard, but I try. 
7. Get financially organized and save, save, save. - I feel like this will always be a work in progress. 
8. Start DIY and home made decorations for wedding
9. Get back to using my planner diligently. - I mostly have been using my wedding notebook like crazy to write down notes. Hopefully after the wedding I will use my planner more. 

Summer bucket list:

1. Go camping at least once - Summer is too blazing hot here to sleep outside, spring time for sure!
2. Have at least one bonfire with smores! - Too. Hot. 
3. Take a mini beach trip  You can see that here.
4. Watch fireworks and have a BBQ on the fourth of July
5. Read at least 4 books (not school related) - I read 2 1/2 so far!
6. Plan date nights for every two weeks somewhere new each time - Saving means not too often date nights. We have plenty of eat in netflix dates though. 
7. Get in a body of water this summer - :(
8. Have at least somewhat of a tan - hopefully! -  HAHA I can't believe I thought this was an option. 
9. Go to our local farmers market
10. Get at least two shaved ices  
11. Go to our fair at the end of summer Corn dogs and funnel cakes galore. 
12. See a country concert  We saw Joe Nichols at the fair. 
13. Try some new summer recipes and drink recipes Duh. Remember the hippie juice?

I can't say that I am sad to see summer go. The hundred degree weather is not a friend of mine and I am looking forward to so many things this fall - the wedding being number one! #oneweek

How was your summer, and what did you accomplish? Or did you have many drinks and sit by the beach or pool? If so, I'm jealous. 

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