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VivianBishopxo: July 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wedding Party

I feel like every single week I am going to repeat the words "I can't believe how close we are" and I mean it. I am shocked every time I look at the date and realize that in just a couple of months I get to marry my best friends in front of our closest friends and family. 

If you didn't already know, we're having a pretty small wedding compared to others.When you move away from your hometown where we live currently for seven years, lets just say you don't stay in touch with too many people. Neither Joe or I have big families, but honestly that's okay with me. I don't personally want 200 people that don't know us or make an attempt to be more than acquaintances attending our wedding. We have friends and family from out of state that may not be able to make it, and that's the sad part for me. 

Since our wedding will be around 50-60 guests we are keeping our wedding party very small. We both agreed on two people each. My bridesmaids will be my two sisters who just so happen to be two of my best friends as well. 

Another thing that we are doing in our wedding that may be different is that I plan on having my mom walk me down the isle. I know it's typical for the father to do this, but I feel like it should be whoever you feel in your heart to do this part. The person who raised me my entire life and who has been my best friend since day one is my mom.  

P.S The next wedding post will be all about our invitations! Since they are finally sent out, I cannot wait to share. 

Did you do anything different on your wedding day,if so how did it turn out?

NC Belle In Boots

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Readings

On my summer bucket list I put to read more books since I would have only one class for summer school. I love reading in the evenings when I'm winding down, or just need to get my mind off of anything stressful. So far this summer I have finished two books with a third on the way.

P.S - Two of these books are from John Green, I am determined to read all of his books because I loved the Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska so so much.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (Young Adult) | I thought this book was cute, but probably my least favorite John Green book I have read. It was a little hard to relate to the character and I felt there were some slow parts. 3.5/5

"When it comes to relationships, everyone has a type. Colin Singleton’s type is girls named Katherine. He has dated–and been dumped by–19 Katherines. In the wake of The K-19 Debacle, Colin–an anagram-obsessed washed-up child prodigy–heads out on a road trip with his overweight, Judge Judy- loving friend Hassan. With 10,000 dollars in his pocket and a feral hog on his trail, Colin is on a mission to prove a mathematical theorem he hopes will predict the future of any relationship (and conceivably win the girl)" Summary from John Green's website. 

Paper Towns by John Green (YA) | This book kept me reading and reading. I was really intrigued the entire time. This book wasn't just about a love story it also was very mysterious. It made me want to go on an adventure! Paper Towns is now being turned into a movie and I would just love to play the roll of Margo. I highly recommend this book. 4.7/5

"Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life–dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge–he follows. After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues–and they’re for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew." Summary from John Green's website

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (YA) | I am currently 6 chapters in so far and I really like it. I like that the chapters go back and forth between Eleanor and Park's perspective. I can't rate the book yet, but so far I am enjoying it!

"Set over the course of one school year in 1986, Eleanor & Park is the story of two star-crossed misfits – smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love – and just how hard it pulled you under." Summary from rainbowrowell.com

After finishing my current book, I am going to start Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green.

What are you reading this summer? Any recommendations would be great!

Summer Reading Linkup

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Eighty Days.

Wedding Wednesday is probably one of my favorite days here in blog land lately. With only 80 more days leading up to our big day things are finally starting to come together.

~ Both of my rings have been resized. I picked the first jewelry repair store from Google, and they were about $100 cheaper than the quotes I had called around for!

~ We got our invitations in the mail! I worked with a company through Etsy. I knew I wanted certain things and wording on the invites and she made sure that everything was perfect. The price was right, and everything shipped within a week of the starting process. I cannot wait to share them, but that will have to wait until everyone receives them first.

(A mini sneak peak)

~ Tuxes are ordered for the guys in the wedding.

~ We have an appointment set with a vendor to rent everything else needed for the ceremony and reception.

~ My first fitting will be in a couple of weeks, as well as picking out the bridesmaids dresses. Cutting it close on these but I know it'll get done.

~ Music is really important to both Joe and I so one of the next thing on our to-do list is to make a song list and figure out what our main songs will be. This is such a hard task!

~ I still need to figure out the shoe and jewelry situation for myself and my girls.

~ The hair and makeup problem, is in fact still a problem. My hair stylist will be out of town the weekend of our wedding and I cannot manage to find not one person in this town that is available on the day of. My stylist said she gave out my number to a few girls she works with, so fingers crossed it works out!

~ My sisters and mom are throwing my bridal shower toward the end of August. The only thing I need to do is find a cute outfit which is such a relief!

~ Any ideas on gifts for bridesmaids? I can't seem to find anything that stands out.

NC Belle In Boots
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Ipsy July 2014 | Sensationally Sunkissed

With probably the cutest glam bag to date, Ipsy made me really happy this month. This months theme is sensationally sunkissed. The bag has a scalloped detail, with leather like material. Plus it's bright pink. 

ipsy july 2014 review

BareMinerals 5 in 1 Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow "Divine Wine" | The color of this is really dark, and kind of made me look like I had a black eye. A little bit goes a very long way with this product. There was a lighter shade other Ipsy members received and I feel like that would have been much better for my skin tone. The product comes in 10 neutral shades, and provides brightening and priming benefits. 

Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm "Unique Pink" | I received the lighter of the two shades that could have appeared in the bag this month, and I love it! This balm is really hydrating on the lips, and it has a really nice mint scent. The color is unique to the pH level of your lips, which is really awesome. I also love that it twists up for more product. 

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 8 | I don't really use many tanning products, unless you count sunless tanning products. I do like tan legs though so I may use this with a higher SPF just to make sure my skin isn't going to burn. 

Befine Food Skincare Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 | I have super dry skin and I use daily moisturizer two times a day. I try and use products with SPF in the morning before I apply my makeup so this product is perfect. It smells like rosemary and you don't smell the SPF at all which is nice.  

wHet Nail Polish "Facetious" | In the bottle it is this beautiful blue color but after trying to apply the polish, it was so hard to get even, it took about 3-4 coats and that didn't even make the color opaque. I ended up with a sloppy nail, so I took it off right away. I don't know if the heat from shipping affected the formula or what but I didn't care for it. 

My favorite product this month is definitely the Pixi Lip Balm.

Check out Ipsy here for only $10.00 a month + free shipping in the US.

What did you receive in your glam bag this month?

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Would you rather...

Happy Sunday to everyone. While I don't typically blog on a Sunday, I figured why not? Juliette posted these "would you rather" questions in her blog this week and I just can't resist trying to pick one less horrific thing over the other. So, let's get to it. 

1. Be blind or be deaf | Both are so sad. I love music, but I love to see. I guess I pick to be deaf. 

2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are | Be shorter than I am. I'm about 5'8 so I could afford to be a bit shorter if needed. 

3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life | I almost wanted to be a senior citizen, but then I remembered that I already have awful and painful knees and I can only imagine them at 80. So I choose a teenager, but hopefully I wont have the nasty attitude. 

4. Have no hands or no legs | No legs. I really can't imagine not being able to scratch my face. Plus I love Grey's Anatomy and I know that you can get a fabulous 
prosthetic leg. 

5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows | This is probably the worst one. I guess since there are solutions for getting fake teeth, and getting fake (but awful looking) eyebrows. I choose to lose my eyebrows, regretfully. 

6. Eat a worm or a cockroach | A worm! I hate cockroaches with all of my being, and I've read the diseases and bacteria that they carry.  

7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole | The North Pole sounds awesome, and I don't do well with heat. I actually hate the heat, so so much!

8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver | A personal chef. Cooking on a daily basis is a downfall of mine. Especially when its a million degrees and I've worked all day and then I want to make something really bad for me. I would love a chef. 

9. Always have to whisper or always have to shout | Always have to whisper. People who shout talk really just make me want to punch them.

10. Can't taste or can't smell | I'd rather not be able to smell. I would be really sad if I could never taste Chipotle again. 

11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap | Wow. I'm gonna go with saran wrap. The pain from the sandpaper...I don't even know. 

12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day | If it was only for a day (hopefully a Sunday) I would let my blog disappear for a day. I rely on Twitter for too much for it to disappear. 

13. Text of your blog is screwed up or all the pictures you post on your blog are blurry | Either would be awful. I pick for the pictures to be blurry. Whats the point if people can't read the text?

14. Never be able to post another GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts | Never be able to post a GIF. I really love reading comments. 

15. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck | Ugh, both suck! Tag on the shirt it is. 

So there's that. I hope everyone with the day off is snuggling with their animals. As for me, I am at work counting down the hours until I can go home. 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All About Engagement Pictures

If you follow me on any and all social media (and if you don't, well why not?) then you would know that we received our engagement pictures! You may have already seen some of the pictures from the second I got those babies in my hand, but I didn't share the majority until today. I also thought I would write some tips for taking engagement photos because I was a nervous wreck the days leading up to actually taking the pictures. So here are some pictures, and some tips for my fellow brides to be. 

engagement pictures

1. Be comfortable - This was huge for us, we are not ones to be overly fancy and I didn't want to fake that in our pictures at all. I wanted our pictures to be completely 100% true to our personality and styles. We got started at 7 am before the heat was unbearable to take pictures, and even at 7 am it was pretty warm. Don't wear anything that will make you look and feel uncomfortable, its not worth it.

2. Go with the flow - Being the control freak that I am, sometimes I can be a little afraid to look silly (only in front of people I'm not comfortable with) or do things without planning first. I had to let go big time. Let your photographer lead the way because hopefully they'll know what they are doing.
engagement pictures

3. Bring an outfit change - I knew that I wanted to wear a casual dress and something even more casual. Once again, go by your own personal style though. When you look on pinterest you sometimes see these elaborate outfits with perfect high heels that these girls are wearing, and that's just not me at all. I wanted to have two outfits that I knew would work best for me. By the way - I had to change in our blazing hot car for the second outfit change into my jeans and you could totally tell I was a little wiped out after that. 

october wedding

4. Bring supplies - I packed like I was going on a weekend trip when going to take these pictures. I was equipped with bobby pins, my makeup, chapstick, water, and anything else you might need. We were about 20-30 minutes out of town so I brought things to freshen up in the middle.

how to take engagement pictures

What was your experience with taking engagement photos, or how are you looking forward to them?

Linking up for Wedding Wednesday!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Defining Moments | Beauty Box Five July

Defining Moments by Beauty Box Five is this months theme. They are celebrating moments in life that are special to each person this month and are giving us the products to help us look and feel great as well. 

July Beauty Box 5 review

Revlon Bold Laquer Mascara | I am a junkie when it comes to mascaras and I have been eyeing this one for quite some time, so I was very happy to see this in my box this month. It provides major volume so my lashes look really thick and long. I have had no problem with flaking whatsoever. 

Starlooks Lip Liner | I honestly don't use lip liner really at all. This is a brownish color and it glided on my hand great. I might even use as a soft eyeliner. 

beauty box 5 july

HASK Argon Oil Hair Treatment | Hair masks for me are a must. I literally use one every single week because between the highlights, the heat, and all the products I use on my hair - it needs it. I have really thick, dry hair anyway so deep conditioning treatments are a life savor. I am trying this out this week. 

Body Drench Candy Licious Lips | A new favorite, for sure. I just got this box a couple days ago and I already love this lip balm. The one I received is lemon flavor and it makes my lips so soft and silky, not to mention they smell great. 

Anna Naturals Body Scrub | This is a vegan scrub that can be used on the face and body to help exfoliate. It is gentle and doesn't contain any parabens or harsh chemicals which is great in my book. I will use this before I do self tanner! 

You can get your very own box delivered each month for $12.00 at beautybox5.com

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Finish The Sentence..

I love a good linkup and couldn't resist when I saw Juliette post the prompt for this post in particular. Basically I am going to finish the sentence of the prompts that were already created. You should do it and linkup, because I have a feeling that reading everyone's will be really entertaining! 

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find... Anything besides everything that I bought at the grocery store - I never seem to want anything previously purchased when I realize I actually have to cook it. But iced tea, and any type of cheese will do. 

My favorite article of clothing is... Any type of clothing that isn't actually touching my body. I immediately want lose comfy clothes on my body after work. 

Last week I was really pissed when... We found out our reception dinner is going to cost a lot more than what we thought. Mostly just emotional and sad, but pissed too. 

One thing I don't understand is... Why lately when I go shopping and finally find tops that I really like, they turn out to actually be crop tops. Crop Tops in general is something I don't understand.

If I had a million dollars I'd... live in a huge house, on huge land somewhere amazing and adopt a ton of animals that need to be rescued. 

Something that can always make me happy is... Chipotle, unless they don't cook the meat all the way or they don't give me enough corn salsa - then that is going to make me the opposite of happy. 

Something I'll never blog about is... Politics, seriously people get way too intense and I am not down for those comments. 

If I could go anywhere I would go... because... At this point I would go anywhere, I am in desperate need of a beach trip so definitely somewhere tropical. With a drink in hand. 

If I were an animal I would be an.... Elephant, and stomp on anyone who tried to put me in the circus. 

Does this elephant look like it wants to be apart of the circus? I think not. He/she is having a blast in that water. 

A job I've always wanted is.. Since I am working really hard to become a teacher, I would say that. But also anything where I can blog and make money from being at home with my pup would be really amazing. And a mom in the future. 

My idea of a perfect day is... A day spent not worrying about work. With Joe, my family and the dogs of course - just doing something fun. If it involves a trip somewhere exciting then even better! 

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth of July!

After the long weekend for most of you, I'm sure the struggle bus is completely full right about now since everyone is back to work today. I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July with your loved ones, fireworks, and drinks; because I sure did. 

Friday I believe we got up to 109 degrees, which is insane and makes for a hot and sweaty me. I definitely wasn't going to let the heat ruin our fun time. I decided to make those strawberry filled jello shots for a little party we were having at our place that evening. Pinterest should just have a disclaimer that says nothing you try will ever turn out like this pinned image. At least for me it never does. They were still delicious none the less, but a mess to make. I used Smirnoff strawberry vodka to make them, and they were awesome. 

strawberry shots


We were not lacking in the drink department that night. 

A little later into the evening a little pretty pup came running into our yard terrified and shaking from all the loud fireworks. She seemed very clean and healthy so we knew she must be lost. She knew tricks and was already completely potty trained so she was staying with us until we found her family. She reminded me of Pepper because she was such a loving lap dog. 

We started doing fireworks out front, and there must be something programmed in guys that makes them want to be near fire because I like to stay a really far distance from all things fire related! 

                                    (Yep, he jumped through.)

I love sparklers, but I'm actually terrified of the sparks. 

The night ended and the lost pup stayed with my sister overnight. The next day Connie and my mom went to see if she was micro-chipped, and no luck. I posted her all over social media and still nothing. Saturday evening we went walking with her around my neighborhood and by such a blessing we found her mom and dad driving around looking all over for her! They we're so thankful and so happy to see their little girl, who happens to be named Coco! That was such a good feeling to reunite a dog and her family because I can only imagine the pain of losing your dog and not knowing whose hands they are in. 

How was your Fourth of July, are you struggling to get back to work today? 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: A To-Do List

Time sure does fly when you have a ton of things to do and everything in my body is making me procrastinate it all. How is it even possible that it's July? Although it only may be halfway through the year, July means that I only have 3 months until our wedding. THREE. My wedding binder with the perfect little checklist of things to do really must be collecting dust right now because I have been a slacker. In my defense It's really hard trying to set appointments with vendors and places when you have the weirdest work schedule ever, and your fiance's work schedule is completely opposite of yours. Excuses, excuses I know. I am reminded every time The Knot sends me "what I should be doing this month/week" updates right to my email how really, very behind I am. They also keep reminding me to start a workout regimen and to that I have really nothing to say. 

So here is a public checklist for the month of July that I vow hopefully accomplish. 

1| Have a freaking meeting with the coordinator at our ceremony/reception venue to get a timeline/linens/layout all set. Every other vendor is waiting on us to get a timeline from the coordinator so they have a time for setup, etc. Procrastination at its finest. Number one priority at the moment. 

2| Order invitations - According to my checklist I'm actually on time with this one if we get them ordered and out in the month of July. 

3| Bridesmaids dresses and Tuxes - This seriously needs to happen this month. 

4| Order all rentals for the day ceremony/receptionist. 

5| Figure out music situation. The fun part will actually picking out our favorite songs to incorporate into our day. 

6| Find/book hair and makeup artists for me and my bridal party. 

July is a really busy month, in between the major part of my summer school semester and BOTH of my sisters birthdays I really hope I can buckle down and get shiz done. On a really positive note, we took our engagement photos and all my photographer left us with was one single sneak peek until we get the final edits so I decided why not share it with you all. I am not a patient person and I cannot wait to see the final pictures, there will be a full post about our engagement photos coming soon! 

NC Belle In Boots

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