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VivianBishopxo: December 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

31 things to do before December 31st is over ~ Update ~

Happy New Years Eve!

I wanted to update you on my list of things to do before 2013 is over! Since this is the last day of the year I figure it's very fitting.

*( ) - indicates my excuses

1. Take longer walks with Joe and our puppy. (in my defense it has been cold and I work until its dark)
2. Bake a pie from scratch. (I made fudge though)
3. Do black Friday shopping.
4. Buy gifts for children who need them.
5. Send out Christmas cards.
6. Hand make Christmas decorations.
7. Watch ABC Family Christmas movies.
8. Buy someone coffee at Starbucks. (does my mom count :/)
9. Go to our local museum and zoo for their Christmas festivals.
10. Try a bold lip. (I'm pale, and I was scared)
11. Drink hot cocoa - a lot.
12. Make my Aunt Kim's fudge. (I also made my own peppermint fudge!)
13. Go ice skating.( I did have the opportunity but I didn't wanna break my neck)
14. Decorate our house for Christmas.
15. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
16. Kiss my love under the mistle toe. ( I didn't have any mistletoe)
17. Make my new years resolutions.
18. keep working toward my goals and future.
19. Celebrate mine and Joe's four year anniversary.
20. Put effort into picking out thoughtful gifts.
21. Bake cookies. (Whoops)
22. Build a gingerbread house. (Ahhh I wanted to do this and didn't)
23. Listen to a ton of Christmas music.
24. Take a ton of pictures.
25. Buy my dog a cute winter sweater.
26. Donate clothes and blankets to a shelter. (We did donate Christmas gifts)
27. Be kinder to people, even when they may not be kind in return (always something to remember)
28. Make homemade soups.(Campbell's was easier)
29. Try egg nog for the first time. (I don't think I ever will)
30. Spend the holidays with my favorite people.
31. Make a ton of new memories. I did get engaged which is a huge memory!

Cheers everyone! I hope that you all have an amazing 2014!!!


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Hello 2014!

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!
I had a really hard time trying to remember everything that happened this year, maybe I am getting old ;). Anyway, after looking back at pictures I realized how great this year was and how many good things really did happen, and how blessed I am with the support system that I have in my life. 
I have a lot of changes coming in the new year that start so soon. One including changing my career choice to something I am so excited and passionate about, and that is becoming a first grade teacher! I start school in the middle of January and I am nervous and super excited all at the same time.
I got engaged this year which is huge, and I have a wedding to plan this year!
Here are some highlights of my year in pictures:
I turned 21 in February! 


June 2013: I was chosen to attend Generation Beauty in Los Angeles!

May 31 2013: my baby sister Meagan graduated high school!
October 2013: My mom got bambino/beans/bambi - all of the names we call him. He is now apart of our family and I love him so much!

Cant forget about Pepper and how much he has grown and how many new tricks he has learned!
September 2013: Joe and I moved into our very own first place!
September 2013:
I got to host a lash bash from Benefit Cosmetics for me and all of my friends!
October 2013 - The county fair came to town, like it does every year. We watched Dustin Lynch preform and ate fair food of course!
October 2013 - A trip to Santa Monica for the day was absolutely perfect and much needed.

November 2013 - I won tickets to see the Zac Brown Band, if you don't know I love country music so this is so fun! We even got eat and greet passes where we got to eat with the whole band!
I was engaged on December 15th 2013 - This was the highlight of my year, Joe is my best friend and I couldn't imagine anything better happening this year.
A few of my 2014 new years resolutions:
~Focus and vamp up my blog.
~Make major progress on wedding planning
~Read more often
~Focus on my health
~Find a job as a preschool teacher while I continue school
~Save money, and spend less
~Start our wedding fund
~Grow my blog following to hopefully 750 followers!
~Take more pictures
~Go to Disneyland
~Go back to Vegas and try to not chain myself there so I don't have to leave.
~Grow in faith, pray more and worry less.
Cheers to the new year and all of the resolutions and good changes to come! 
XO, Vivian

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Smoothie Obsession

I recently received a blender as a gift from my sister and her boyfriend Anthony, I had been wanting one ever since Joe and I moved into our own place. I was a little too excited (adult probs) to have a blender and immediately knew I wanted to start doing smoothies for breakfast. I have noticed after doing smoothies every morning for a week straight that I have so much more energy, as apposed to when I drink coffee which gives me energy for about an hour and then I crash and feel grumpy. I already have a certain recipe that I kind of threw together and I am loving it, so I wanted to share with you all!

I have been using:

1 Banana
2 Tablespoons of Greek Plain Yogurt (great for protein)
2 handfuls of Organic Spinach (the tubs are so much easier and the spinach is already washed, organic has no pesticides.)
3-4 of the Frozen Peach Slices
3-4 Mango Cubes
A splash of Orange Juice
A couple of Ice Cubes

**This makes enough for Joe and I to both have a smoothie each morning**

~Always make sure when buying frozen fruit that the only ingredient is the fruit itself and not any extra sugar or anything else. ~

You honestly don't taste the spinach whatsoever and you know your getting all of your vitamins in the morning!

If any of you have any great smoothie recipes or other veggies or anything else that would be good in my smoothie let me know! I have been wanting to try Chia Seeds in my smoothies.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and any other holidays you celebrate! I had a very great Christmas with my family, and I am very sad it is over. Now that the tree and decorations are put away and the new year approaches I get a little bit sad because I love the spirit of Christmas, I love the pretty lights, decorations, food, and special family time. I know those things should and are celebrated everyday but it's just something about the days that lead up to Christmas that are the best; they are days to remember what Christmas is truly about and to be grateful and thankful.

My family has a new tradition of having a Mexican food feast for Christmas dinner since we do the traditional turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. It was such amazing food!  This year the only thing I made was peppermint fudge for all of my co-workers and my family. It was delicious if I say so myself.

I thought I would share some pictures from the day as well as a few gifts I received, that I am so thankful for.

The girls of the family


Since moving into our own place, I love getting new kitchen things and my mom got me everything I need to bake pretty much anything!

Along with the theme my sister got me a really cute cupcake calendar that has recipes each day.
My really good friend came to town and we exchanged gifts, she only got to stay for a short time but it was really great that we got to see each other on Christmas.

I received some really awesome beauty products that I am super excited about, including the original naked palate which is the one I wanted!
A really pretty necklace my mom got me.
  Pepper                                                                Bambino
I had to include pictures of the dogs!
We all watched We're the Millers that night, which is one of the funniest movies and ate pie!
Now it's back to life, and work before New Years Eve!
XO, Vivian

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Radical Skincare - Instant Revitalizing Mask

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I have been trying out the Radical Skincare - Instant Revitalizing Mask and absolutely love it!

Skincare products is something in my book that you should spend a little more time and money on because it is so important. A good skincare routine now will benefit you in the future so much! You can never start a good routine too young.

Here are some facts about the Radical Skincare line:

When I was given the opportunity to try out this line I was very excited, I researched their website which is SO informative, you all should go check it out! I found that the products are all paraben free which is amazing for people with sensitive skin.

I have been trying out the Instant Revitalizing Mask twice a week now. You apply this to clean, dry skin and keep it on for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off. You will feel small bubbles on your face disappearing (it's really cool). After rinsing the product off your skin literally feels so soft and amazing. They have a video you can watch on the product page showing how the product works!

My skin will tell me one day after using a product if it doesn't agree with it by breaking out, I have not had any breakouts whatsoever and my skin feels smooth and soft.

Where can you find it? The product can be found at http://www.radicalskincare.com/products or Barneys

What does it cost? $65.00

"The Instant Revitalizing Mask is the ideal coach for the skin: it delivers the nutrients necessary for hydration and regeneration while teaching it to breathe, stock up on energy and optimize its oxygen resources in rarefied conditions."

I absolutely love what the sisters Rachel and Liz are putting out there; empowering people and their skin!

I would never blog about a product that I didn't think was amazing, unless I state otherwise. I have actually been using this product, doing research on the product and really loving it!

The website has so much information including their mission and results of the products. I also see on the website that they offer free shipping and free samples which is always a bonus!

XO, Vivian

*Disclaimer- I was given this product for testing purposes only, all opinions are my own. *

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Ipsy Bag

4 more sleeps until Christmas!!! Who can hardly wait?? I know I'm excited!

Today I am blogging about my December Ipsy bag, I love getting my bag monthly because its like an extra present with surprises inside.

This months bag theme was Celebration, which is very fitting for all of the celebrating we all do this month! The bag is a very cute clutch like makeup bag which is very sleek.

In my bag I received:

POP Beauty -Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio ~ I really like the colors in this trio, they are pretty buildable also.

Be a Bombshell -The One Stick ~ Not too excited about this product, I received a very bright red color which does not compliment my skin tone at all. Not something I will really use.

Nicka K New York -Nail Color ~ I had never heard of this brand of nail polish before, but I really like it! I love the color and the consistency of the product.

Ardell - Natural Lash ~ I honestly don't wear false lashes very often but I will put these to great use on New Years Eve. I actually cant wait to try them out. I have only heard great things about Ardell lashes.

J.Cat Beauty -Big Lip Pencil ~ Once again this is in the shade bright red and not something I would wear, I have reviewed several products that were bright red saying that I really don't like the color so I'm not quite sure why I keep getting those colors.

Overall I like this bag this month, it isn't one of my favorites but there are a few items that I am excited about and really do like.

If you want to try out Ipsy it is $10.00 a month and you can go here to sign up! (they make great last minute gifts to friends)

Let me know what you received in your bag this month!

XO, Vivian

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Adventures!

Hi everyone!

I have really exciting things going on right now, and I wanted to share one of them with you because I want you all to be apart of it!

I am going to be a weekly blogger for polished.tv! My first post actually went up on the website today, and I would love if you all would go take a look and maybe leave a comment. It would mean the world to me! I am really excited about this; but not to worry this blog will not take a back seat and will still be a main priority to me and never neglected!

Here is the link to my first blog post! 5 best mascaras under $20.00

Let me know what y'all think!!

Thank you all so much for my new and old readers, who have wished me congratulations on my engagement (still cannot believe it)! You guys are so awesome! Leave your links below and I would LOVE to read and be support to you guys and your blog!

Until next time,

XO, Vivian

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Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Engaged + Our Engagement Story

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life and I of course wanted to share it. I can honestly say that not many surprises ever get by me, but with the help of my mom, Joe was able to give me the biggest surprise of my life.

My family decided a while ago that we were all going to this Christmas event at a museum in our town. Little did I know that they all knew a secret that my boyfriend had something bigger planned that night. I was really excited because I love Christmas, lights, and hot chocolate. Who doesn't??

It was a perfect night with my closest family. We drank hot chocolate, and looked at really beautiful lights. My mom wanted to get some pictures of us all, so first she asks Joe and I to get in front of this really beautiful gazebo. Before I knew it, Joe was on one knee proposing to me. I was blown away, I couldn't even form words. The fact that I didn't even suspect a thing, not even from my mom was such a surprise. Finally, after realizing what was actually happening I said YES!

Joe knows how much I love Christmastime, so this was the perfect and most beautiful location for him to propose at. I wish we had better pictures from the night, but it was really dark.  I'll personally never forget the moment though so that's okay.

I've never been more excited for anything in my entire life. After almost four years of dating, we knew we of course wanted to marry each other. I'm just so excited that we are officially ENGAGED! I get to plan a wedding and spend forever with my favorite person ever.

Thank you so much already for the sweet words on Instagram and Facebook. I cannot wait to share this journey with you all!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Beauty Box 5!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am doing a review on a monthly subscription box called Beauty Box 5 that I was asked to try out. I am a major fan of monthly subscriptions and they also make great gifts! So here is what I thought!

Beauty Box 5  is $12.00 a month and you receive 5 products in every box (hence the name).
Some membership perks:
- All members receive FREE shipping.
- Receive EXCLUSIVE discounts from our partner brands.

You can also gift the box to a friend for the month, which is awesome for a beauty lover!

They have great deals where you pre-pay for a few months at a time and receive a discount on them. For example if you buy 3 months ahead of time you will only pay $30.00 instead of the $12.00 a box.

Besides the really adorable robins egg blue that the box comes in, I received some really awesome treats in my box!

I absolutely love the brands that were included in the box I was given, and I know that I will use everything included. (I have the full size morning burst gel and love it, so I will give that to a family member to try out.)

All of the products are great for this season, I love the colors in the NYX trio (NYX is one of my favorite brands)

I hope you all will check out this subscription service, and maybe share one with a friend!


XO, Vivian

P.S Have you entered the collaboration giveaway on the post below? You have until December 27th to enter to win $100.00 cash!!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Giveaway ~$100.00 Paypal Cash~

Hi Everyone!!

I have a super exciting post today, it is a holiday collaboration giveaway that I am involved in! 10 bloggers including myself pitched in to create a really awesome giveaway to our readers!

This is a $100.00 paypal giveaway which is universal to everyone, means it is also international! So it is open for everyone to enter!

This giveaway will go for two weeks - December 12th to December 27th

All you need to do is follow the rules below and try and do as many things as possible for more entries!

This is the season of giving and celebrating and I really you all enjoy this giveaway!
Let's not waste any more time;
Cristina's Beauty Box || Vixen Bombshell || Petit Moi Big World || Vivian Stone

The Giveaway will run from December 12 until December 27 {approx. two weeks}. 
Follow the rules; and grab as many entrees as you can! The more you grab the better chance you have at scoring yourself an extra hundred bucks! :) 
Good Luck! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway ");

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to review a new mascara that a ton of people have been talking about! The L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara has been catching my every time I went to the drugstore. Although I am still obsessed with my Benefit's They're Real mascara, So I denied buying it for the longest time, until now!
I ordered this mascara through Ulta's website on Cyber Monday because all of the Voluminous mascaras were 40-50% off! I paid less than $5.00 for this product!
Butterfly Mascara - mine is in blackest black
I love the wand on this mascara because it is very unique to other wands I have tried, and I must say I love it! I personally love the plastic / rubber thin wands as apposed to the thick ones.

I only had to apply one coat on the front and back of my lashes to achieve these lashes above, with no curling of my lashes either! I didn't use any eyeliner at all. When I use other mascaras usually I have to combine different mascaras for volume and thickness, but this one did both and I really think this is my new favorite mascara!  
I am very impressed with this mascara and love when I find a really good one!
If y'all try it out let me know how you like it, or what your favorite mascara is!
XO, Vivian
Disclaimer: This is in no way a sponsored post, I purchased the product on my on with my own money. All opinions are honest and my own.
Lets Chat!!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Winter Essentials!

Hi everyone and happy weekend!! Whether it be snowing, raining, or just plain cold, these are some essentials that I always keep around in the winter months.

 Cozy socks for obvious reasons, no one likes frozen toes.

Body butter because my skin has been so dry lately and my new favorite is "Warm & Cozy" from Victorias Secret.

Tissues, once again pretty self explanatory.

Chapstick is a must for me, I keep one in every single place I will be throughout the day. Car, desk, bathroom, bedside, purse, etc.

Scarves are not only convenient but also an accessory. I love wearing them not only to look cute but to keep warm.

Cough drops or cold medicine in general is a good thing to keep stocked up on for emergency mornings when you need something to get through the work or school day.

Vitamin C is a must.

Hot chocolate or tea - both are amazing and there are so many varieties to choose from.

Gloves because I have the worlds deadliest, coldest hands ever! I recently bought a pair that are touch screen compatible which makes wearing them easier!

And of course Christmas movies or Netflix cuddled with your dog or special person makes those cold days a lot better!!!

XO, Vivian

Chat with me!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide #3 - For Her

Happy December everyone! I am so excited for the holidays, so I thought I would put together a mini gift guide; stocking stuffers - for her! Whether it be your friend, sister, mom, girlfriend etc. I think she will love these items! All of the links will be below as well where you can find these products. Stockings are a great way to spend a little less money but still get quite a few things within your budget. I hope you enjoy!
stocking stuffers

Essie nail polish
$18 - harrods.com

Essie nail polish

Burt s Bees makeup

Victoria s Secret PINK panty

Victoria's Secret socks

Box Of Chocolate Candles

Xo, Vivian

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