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VivianBishopxo: September 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All

I casually saw Becca's tweet yesterday about this monthly linkup that her Melissa and Samantha are hosting all about any special man in our life. (How did I not see this sooner??) I must say that I am pretty excited about this linkup because I can only imagine all of the answers us bloggers will hear from these guys. 

                                                     (Old Picture)

Looking at these questions, I knew these would be a piece of cake for Joe to answer. He is a huge sports fan, and he loves when I act get interested in his favorite teams. If there's one thing that people know about Joe, it's that he can talk about sports all day. So here is my interview with my fiance...

1. If you had a blog, what would you call it, and what would it be about?

Thinks really, really long...... 

"Let's talk ball" *he says while laughing*  that's what my blog would be called, and it would be about mostly about basketball. 

2. If you could live inside any video game, which would it be?


Joe doesn't play video games really ever, unless it's NBA2K on his phone, or some football game. I'm so glad we don't have a gaming system

3. Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this season?

*He gets giddy and pulls up his fantasy sports app*

Peyton Manning. *he says confidently*

4. If you could play for any professional sports team, which one would it be?

*rolls eyes and looks at me with a duh face* of course I already know this question, but for the sake of the interview I have to ask... 

The Lakers. 

P.S He really loves Kobe Bryant. 

5. What do you typically do with an hour of free time?
He said "watch sports" which he loves to do, but I'm sure he just forgot to mention that he loves watching all my Real Housewives shows with me too. 

He was actually looking forward to more questions, but I told him he can come back to visit the blog in a month for another linkup. 

So, there it is! Go link up with the other girls men every month.

Becoming Adorrable

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Beauty Bash and a Giveaway

I don't know about you ladies, but I love makeup. I could probably spend hours in a Sephora or Ulta, just looking at all the new products. When my eye makeup looks good, I really do feel good. Just like it's possible to have a bad hair day, you can definitely have a bad eyelash day. I love using Benefit's They're Real Mascara because it really is the best high end mascara I have ever tried, and no I'm not getting paid or asked to say that. I really just love it that much.

Today, I am super excited because I was chosen by Benefit and Birchbox to throw a Beauty Bash for myself and some friends. I was actually chosen last year as well which you can read all about here. Since I am so busy with a bigger party to plan this year (hint: the wedding) I couldn't have as big of a party as I would have liked. My Beauty Bash will consist of hanging out with my mom and sisters while we eat cupcakes, and finish last minute wedding planning. Good news is that I have some products to give away! 

Included in this giveaway is: All mini's of "They're Real" mascara, Benetint, Lollitint, Porefessional,  and the new "They're Real" push up liner. 

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below to gain entries! Open to US only. Giveaway will run until Sunday! Good luck!!

** I was chosen by Benefit and Birchbox to receive these products as gifts, I am not being paid nor did they ask me to write a post. All opinions are my own. **

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

So Close.

With the wedding almost two weeks away, it finally feels like things are coming together. Even my Knot checklist isn't overwhelming anymore, and it really is starting to set in that these are my last few weeks as a "single" girl. Although Joe and I have been together for almost five years, something about knowing that we will be officially married is really special.

The only things left to do in these next few weeks include - A few more DIY projects (writing in chalk is not easy), place cards, a marriage licence, crossing my fingers that my dress fits, finding a hotel room, and picking out music. I thought things would become progressively more stressful, but they aren't. Knock on wood that everything stays stress free. Even all of the RSVP's have been received, and the seating chart is done (Thanks Wedding Wire).

I did some shopping recently - I was on a mission to find shoes, jewelry, and garters. I found all of those things in one trip to the mall and David's Bridal! Talk about a ton of weight lifted, because finding these things was stressing me out. 

I also ordered Joe's ring this past weekend, and let me just say that women have it so easy - ring wise anyway. I looked over so many reviews online because I couldn't believe how inexpensive men's wedding bands are! I'm not mad though. We need to save all the extra dollars we can! 

Since we won't be taking a honeymoon right away, I will of course be sharing all of the wedding pictures here once we receive them. But...you can also follow me on Instagram and using the hashtag #bishopwedding14 to see updates in real time!

Wedding Wednesday

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beauty Box 5 | September 2014

Today I am back after taking last week off, mostly because I was sick and partly because I needed to not think about anything other than school for a while. 

I had a great mail day last week where I received my Beauty Box 5 for September and since I didn't look at spoilers this time, I was actually surprised when I opened my box! Since I blog about BB5 every month I figure by now you know it is a monthly subscription service that delivers five products mid month right to your door. The cost is $12/month but if you sign up and pay for months in advance it is cheaper each month. 

Chrislie Formulations | 3 in 1 Eye Bright - (Not Pictured) I was really excited about this product because I am very dry under my eyes which causes my makeup to crease if I don't apply enough moisturizer before application. I found that this didn't do much for me, It was a nice oil consistency, but other than that it didn't provide any other results that made me want to repurchase it. Also, I only used smaller than a pea size once and the little bottle is almost empty - not sure if it was an accident. 

My Beauty Spot | Nail Polish - I have never heard of this brand of nail polish, but I did like the color. When I opened my box the polish was really gooey though; maybe from the heat in traveling? I tried a swatch and it is a very pretty color with good pigmentation.

Sally Hansen | Toe Spacers - Do people really space their toes when painting them? I have never needed to. Not sure if I'll get any use out of these. 

Nicka K | Eyelight Crayon - The one I received is in this pretty green color that is very wearable, especially for fall. I will definitely use this product.

Natural Style by FUBU | Deep Conditioner (2) - I love deep conditioners, but I wouldn't use this product from roots to ends like it says on the package. My roots get pretty oily if I apply deep conditioning products to them. 

All in all, I would say this was an okay month for Beauty Box 5. Nothing really made me too excited, but I do have some new products to try out.

Check out Beauty Box 5 and use the code HALFOFF for half off of your first box. 

***I received this box for an honest review of the service, all opinions are my own.***

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A wedding checklist.

 If I do say so myself, things are getting accomplished. This wedding may not be completely planned but with just a day over a month left to plan this thing, I can honestly say that it will happen with or without these small details. But for my sake let's hope it all gets done.

First dress fitting – The seamstress at David’s Bridal looked at me like I was insane for waiting until September to come in for my first dress fitting. I live on the edge lady. Actually not at all. I literally was swamped and put it off to the last minute but had major anxiety about it. I went in to actually look at the under garments for my dress, and the seamstress insisted that she had to get me in THAT DAY in order for it to be ready before the wedding. I almost had a full blown panic attack, but my maid of honor came to the rescue.  I go in for obviously what will have to be my last fitting / pick up the dress on October 3rd! You know, only 8 days before the wedding…let’s hope it fits.

Hair/Makeup - By the time you read this I will have finally had my hair and makeup trial FINALLY. Since I am pre-writing this post, I'll have to let you guys know how it went next week or I'm sure I'll say something on Twitter. 

Guest book – Ordered and it is beautiful! Covered in burlap and lace. Just the way I like it.

Bridesmaids dresses have arrived, and they are so perfect. 

Gifts for the groomsmen need to be found and ordered. ASAP.

Garter – Still need to find and order.

Seating chart - This is awful. I have no idea how you ladies with 100+ people managed this. I am having a hard time situating everyone. 

Table numbers and place cards - Purchased, now I just need to get them finished after I get the pesky seating chart done. 

Favors and DIY projects - Still need to buy some more things to finish those.

Find shoes and jewelry for bridesmaids and myself – Nope. Still really need to get on that.

Book hotel room – This will happen with the next few coming weeks.

Order Joe's ring and get mine cleaned- Happening soon!

Music for pre-ceremony, walking down the isle, and of course songs to play during reception (suggestions would be amazing!!)

Create a strict weekend timeline with my wedding party.

We can officially go get our marriage licence as of tomorrow. Tomorrow it'll be 30 days until the wedding!

Also married ladies - did you get a spray tan before your wedding? If so, how soon/long before should I wait so hopefully it wont stain my dress?

Wedding Wednesday

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Monday, September 8, 2014

What is my niche?

I know that since becoming engaged, wedding posts have flooded my pages. When I first started this blog it was going to be much more beauty related, and some lifestyle. I started out reading beauty blogs and watching beauty videos on YouTube and thought I wanted to do the same exact thing. After blogging for a little over a year now, I feel that my gears have definitely switched. I find myself writing lifestyle and wedding posts more than anything else. While I still absolutely love my beauty products and of course my nail polish collection, it just isn't the same for me to write about. While I will still share my favorite products, monthly subscriptions, or other beauty related things here and there I just don’t really consider myself a full on beauty blogger.

I have made connections with girls who write lifestyle posts, because I feel like I have some insight on their life. I have made relationships from blogging because they share posts about their private lives, they blog about things that distant friends and family may not even know about – which makes blogland so. awesome. I know my favorite bloggers pets, husbands, and even how much wine they drink a night. Don't get me wrong, I still obsessively watch my favorite beauty videos on YouTube and keep up with the blogs, but I just couldn't commit to being a self proclaimed beauty blogger. The girls that are, are super dedicated because that's really hard work. Maybe I don't really have one particular category that I fall into, and I think that's okay. Maybe I just wanna blog about a little of everything. 

Within the next couple of months I hope to re-brand my entire blog with a new name of course. Big mistake on my part knowing my last name could change in the future: but it is an excuse to brainstorm new names for this little blog of mine.

So while I may not have one particular category that I fall under with blogging or a “niche” per say, I hope that you will stick with me.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gifts for the girls.

After searching and searching for gifts for my sisters and mom I finally found them. I knew that I wanted to give them things that were going to come in handy on the day of the wedding but also things I knew they would like to use before as well. I plan on also finding jewelry for the day of too, and possibly a getting ready robe, and a tank or something. At the time we hadn't picked out the dresses and good thing I waited because we chose higher neckline dresses and the necklaces I had in mind wouldn't work with them. Anyhow...I found these adorable cups on etsy of course, where else? She had them shipped to me just in time for my shower which is where I gave them their little gifts. 

Besides the pictures, I threw in a few other goodies but I forgot to get pictures of them - I know I'm a bad blogger. 

These cups come with a tall clear straw, BPA free, and are insulated. She personalized them with the colors and any wording I wanted. 

I stuffed the cups with chocolate and Starbucks instant Via Refreshers. The nail polishes are ones I picked out that will go so great with their dresses! The tissues say "for happy tears only" 
All in all they loved the gifts and I was so happy the tumblers got here in time! We are still on the lookout for day of gifts for both the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Any ideas for a groomsmen who is 11 years old? 


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Monday, September 1, 2014

August 2104 Favorites

Happy Labor Day everyone. I hope you're all snuggled up on the couch or shopping and not working! 

August came and went for me so quickly. Maybe that's because I am obsessively counting down the days until the wedding or maybe I'm just looking forward to cooler weather (probably both). I can't say I'm sad to see you go, August. You and your 103+ degree temps can go away and never come back. But, on a positive note I did love a lot of new things this past month that I wanted to share with you all!

~This month Joe and I were on a serious Netflix kick. We started watching  Longmire, which is a drama about a sheriff in a small town located in Wyoming. He solves all of these crazy crimes that make me super anxious to watch. I have my Grandad to blame for my addiction to this show because he is obsessed with it. We finished that show within a week or two. I'm pretty mad because the network didn't pick it up for a fourth season.

Now I am hooked on Sons of Anarchy. The new season premiers September 9th and I finished the first season within two days. That's laziness dedication right there. I did the math and in order to finish before the premier I need to watch about 7 1/2 a day!!!! I don't know if I can do that, but I'll try.  It's one of Joe's favorite shows and I know he will want to watch is live with or without me. P.S that Jax is really nice to look at! 

~Music wise I mostly have been listening to country, which is really typical for me but here are a few songs that have been on repeat. 

Florida Georgia Line, ‘Dirt’
Cassadee Pope, ‘I Wish I Could Break Your Heart’
Eli Young Band, ‘Dust’
and I cannot forget my girl T.Swift who isn't so much country anymore but I love her anyway. Her new song 'Shake It Off' is constantly stuck in my head. Although I don't care for the music video, the song is really catchy.

~Makeup hasn't been changed up because when I love a product I typically stick to it and repurchase it like crazy.  The only thing I have tried that's new, but not new to the beauty world is the Naked Basics Palette and I am in love! I know the second one is out, and I kind of want to get my hands on that one too! 

Other beauty products I have loved this month:

They're Real by Benefit mascara
Hervana Boxed Blush by Benefit
NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel
Simple Skincare Soothing Facial Toner  

~ I was chosen to host another Benefit Beauty Bash this year and I couldn't be more excited! I get to throw the party around September 25th which will be so nice to do with the girls coming to my wedding. It'll be a mini pamper day, which will really be needed by that time.

~ My bridal shower of course was a major favorite of mine this month. I got to be around ladies that I love that some I may not even see until the wedding again!

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